One of Canada’s leading pilot schools, International Pilot Academy, has now become yet another academy in the nation to launch FlightLogger’s flight school management and operations platform.

Finding new ways to bypass the challenges of Corona

Based out of Gatineau, Quebec, the International Pilot Academy has earned a strong reputation for its exceptional pilot education programs since launching in 2011. Offering accredited online refreshment courses as an answer to the Corona situation, the academy has already shown its capabilities to fight the challenges the virus is providing. The implementation of FlightLogger is yet another example.

Under normal circumstances, FlightLogger flies out from its base in Aarhus, Denmark to carry out the setup and training during a tightly packed 2-day session. This time, together with Martin and his colleagues at FlightLogger, International Pilot Academy has defied the challenges of COVID-19 by carrying out the implementation and onboarding of the platform entirely via online sessions across the Atlantic.

The first entirely online-based FlightLogger implementation – but not the last

The implementation of International Pilot Academy marks FlightLogger’s first entirely online-based onboarding of a flight school. “Things have actually worked out even better than we had hope for”, Martin Mikkelsen from FlightLogger explains. “The guys at the International Pilot Academy have been great working with, and the adjustments we have made to our normal implementation processes have really proven themselves. We have more online implementations coming up, and it’s nice to see it is working well. That being said, we look forward to visiting our new friends in Gatineau in the future, and this will not change our general policy of doing implementation and onboarding on location once the corona situation normalizes.”

At FlightLogger we are thrilled to welcome International Pilot Academy to the FlightLogger family.

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