On Monday the 24th of Feb between 07:00 AM UTC and 08:00 AM UTC FlightLogger will release another update without requiring any downtime!

In FlightLogger we strive to provide a quality product and FlightLogger’s underlying technologies of the software play an important part in ensuring a stable, fast and secure platform. This update mainly “fine-tunes” the engine of FlightLogger as it includes several upgrades to these technologies.

Keeping the technical platform up to date is of high priority for us as it ensures a stable platform, a high level of performance and provides a high level of security, while at the same time preparing the platform for future demands.

Overall, FlightLogger has operated with an uptime of 99,8% over the past year, which is the result of our strong focus and hard work on maintaining the platform.

This last year, FlightLogger has only had 5 outages leading to a total downtime of 2 hours but there is a good reason for this downtime!
The reason for the combined 2-hour downtime is the fact that FlightLogger released 11 major updates last year adding improvements and new features to the benefit of all our customers. Some of these releases required downtime due to “migrations” of data. Any planned downtime due to updates is always announced in advance to our customers in due time to limit disturbance. On a single occasion, an unscheduled outage was caused by our infrastructure provider, which lasted for 20 min.

In addition to the high uptime, the upgrades of the underlying technologies ensure that FlightLogger limits any bugs due to legacy platforms. Combined with a strong focus on quality in our releases to avoid bugs in the software, our customers only identify and report a very limited number of bugs, which we strive to solve quickly.

Bug Fixes

As always the release also includes a number of bug fixes reported by our engaged users!

This feedback is highly important for the FlightLogger team to ensure a stable and reliable platform.
We would like to send a big “THANK YOU”  to all users who have reported issues via [email protected]
We truly appreciate your feedback and hope for your future contributions-Thank You!