Dear Customer / Partner

Another year is coming to an end and 2019 has been a great year for FlightLogger!
We have welcomed 24 new customers and are now serving +90 operations across +30 countries and close to 40.000 users. 7 major software releases have been added to the FlightLogger platform this year, which also made it a busy year for our developers. In Denmark, FlightLogger was rewarded with a second Gazelle Award for continual growth.

We would like to use the opportunity to thank all of you for choosing our service and contribute to making FlightLogger the best Flight Training Management System in the industry. Without your support and trust we would never be where we are today, so once again thank you!

Improving the Flight Training Management Platform

We are dedicated to providing a great customer and user experience through a high level of security, stability, support, user-friendliness and functionality.

In support, we average the first-time reply at 5 hours, with the industry average being 18 hrs. Considering FlightLogger supports users from New Zealand to Canada, and many time zones in between, we are proud of this 5 hour average. At FlightLogger we have an intention to continue improving our level of support in 2020, so any issue is solved fast and efficient.

In 2019 the FlightLogger platform has been further developed with numerous improvements including new features, better user experience, reporting, and security. As always the main part of new development has been done based on customer requests, which we are happy to receive even though we get a lot more than we can develop immidiately. But rest assured that every customer input is noted down and from these inputs, we strive to continue developing FlightLogger!

Here is a quick recap of the 7 major releases in 2019, which you can always find at our software update page:

The biggest update of the above was without doubt the one released in Juli which included a full “makeover” of all flight registrations pages in FlightLogger. The new improved flight registration pages are more resistant towards working off line and our feedback shows that the add on of “area tabs”, “split functionality” and “action buttons” have made the everyday work even easier for instructos, crew, renters and students all around the world.

Last but not least we must not forget the major update released in November which were the first of two steps needed for the new CBTA (Competency-Based Training and Assessment) module to go live. The secound and final step of the CBTA module is well underway and we look forward to release the new CBTA module in 2020!

Improving the FlightLogger organization

We continually assess the FlightLogger organization to ensure a good service for our increasing customer base and the growing number of users. Hence two new employees have joined FlightLogger in the past year.

1) Implementation Consultant
To relieve our hardworking CEO and keeping up with the pace of on-boarding our beloved customers, we have hired Martin to take care of our implementation process as well as helping with general business development. Martins background as instructor + commercial pilot gives him an excellent advantage when helping ATOs get safely started with FlightLogger as well as during any need of support afterwards.
2) Sales Representative
To make a more structured sales process, we have hired a dedicated sales representative with a strong sales profile to help with sales, business development and exchibitions around the world. While Heather has no background from the aviation indutry, her positive attitude, sales background and the fact that she originates out of the USA will without doubt be a big help when reaching out to new markets.

FlightLogger looking ahead

We are proud of supporting the education of pilots all around the world and we are looking forward to do the same next year! The feedback from both current and potential customers tell us that there is no system out there that matches FlightLoggers functionality and user-friendliness.

FlightLogger supports close to 40.000 registered users across 38 countries, managing a fleet of more than 1700 aircraft…

With a stronger implementation- and sales team, we feel that FlightLogger is well equipped looking into an exciting 2020. Our goal is to continue developing the FlightLogger product and the organization behind to ensure a high level of support and user experience.

Its no secret that FlightLogger is currently planing to hire additional employees, to further develop our software platform and overall customer services. With many new exciting projects in the development pipeline, we look forward to strengthening the FlightLogger platform to the benefit of all current and future customers.

Once again a big thank you for being a FlightLogger customer, we truly appreciate your support and look forward to working with you in 2020.

From all of us at FlightLogger to all of you – Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!