Earlier this year the long-established Icelandic Flight Academy was acquired by Keilir Aviation Academy.

The combined schools will operate more than two dozen training aircraft and sophisticated flight simulators in Iceland’s major airports, with a student body of close to 500 pilot students.

After the merge, a thorough search for a new traning management system was initiated. The goal was to find an all-in-one solution to run the new combined schools, making the everyday operation run smooth together with supporting digitally a large amount of students and instructors.

After examining different solutions in the marked, FlightLogger was chosen.
Shortly hereafter the implementation team at FlightLogger loaded all information, after which two introduction days were held in Keflavik Airport to all their staff.

The two combined schools are now fully digital with FlightLogger, hence, they are managing an amazing number of students, aircraft and staff with FlightLogger.

The FlightLogger team sends a warm welcome on board to all staff and students and look forward to a continued beneficial cooperation with one of Europe’s largest flight academies.