TL Aviation has now taken off into the FlightLogger cloud and becomes the 6th customer in Germany, making it a true FlightLogger powerhouse!

TL Aviation is based in Airport Mönchengladbach GmbH, where they have a great location just half an hour drive from Düsseldorf, close to both the Dutch and Belgium boundary, making international flights easy accessible for training purposes. They have very good office facilities, with meeting- and briefing rooms and even a fixed FNPT II simulator, which they use effectively.
TL Aviation offers a great range of traning programs, all from competency-based IR SEP/MEP, en route instrument, LAPL and CPL to A320 and B737 typeratings and many more, so almost whatever flight training one would need and it is all supported by FlightLoggers flight training management software.

After booking a free presentation through our website, to show them how FlightLogger could manage their operation, they gave the final GO for FlightLoggers easy-to-use flight training software.
The implementation team from FlightLogger then initiated the implementation process and after receiving all the training manuals and business data from TL Aviation, it only took a few weeks before their account were ready for launch.

FlightLogger believe in the value of a face-to-face relationsship with our customers, hence, when the account was ready, Martin from the implementation team travelled to TL Aviation in Mönchengladbach, Germany, to train both the management and their instructors and also to provide any necessary assistance for TL Aviation in the process of becoming ready to their new digital life with FlightLogger.

FlightLogger welcomes TL Aviation and we are proud to be the provider of a fully digital experience for the management, the flight- and ground instructors, togehter with all their current- and future students!

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