AS Pakker Avio is now live with FlightLogger and thus expands the presence in Eastern Europe by putting the Estonian flag on the FlightLogger map!

AS Pakker Avio is based out of Tartu Aiport with a good location in a modern airport with little commercial traffic and thus makes room for school flights. They have a great office space with big rooms for briefings and flight planning, and together with the University next door where their students are doing the ground school, it gives them the perfect setup. APA has a good portfolio of resources, with their fleet of Cessna aircraft, a piper and a Robinson helicopter together with two simulators. Thus, it is essential to be able to plan and optimize those resources, which they are now able to do with FlightLogger, as their digital operation tool and thus save money and time in the long-run. Moreover, their instructors, students and staff are able to access all manuals, training files etc. 24/7 from any given device, which gives APA the tools necessary to provide their students with a high degree of quality training.

After the owner of AS Pakker had received the free online presentation from FlightLogger, he decided to go with FlightLoggers digital training management solution right away! When we received all training manuals and other required business data from APA by email, our team started implementing APA’s manuals and other information into their account and under a month later APA’s account was ready!

FlightLogger believe in the value of a face-to-face relationsship with our customers, hence, when the account was ready, the implementation team travelled to APA in Tartu, Estonia, to train both the management and their instructors and also to provide any necessary assistance for APA in the process of becoming ready to their new digital life with FlightLogger.

FlightLogger welcomes AS Pakker Avio and we are proud to be the provider of a fully digital experience for the management, the flight- and ground instructors at APA togehter with all their current- and future students!