On Monday, 1st of July at 5 am UTC a major update will be released to the FlightLogger platform. The update includes a massive facelift to all flight registration pages in FlightLogger and adds new functionalities, which is built from all the great inputs received from our customers.

Additionally, new features will be added to FlightLoggers integrated SMS module, while administrators will find additional account settings in the administration area of FlightLogger to further customise your account.


As mentioned, this is a major update, probably one of the largest to FlightLogger ever, so we need your help to make it a success for everyone!

The entire flight registration model has been changed, which affects the workflow for all the users, but it also affects all reports in FlightLogger. To make the update a success for everyone, we highly recommend that you focus on the following three things in the coming weeks:

1: Make sure all users watch the video attached below showing how to use the new flight registration pages.
2: Make sure all users are informed that FlightLogger will be offline approx. 1 hour on the 1st of July 2019 (05:00 am UTC – 06:00 am UTC).
3: Make sure to read this update announcement through ūüôā

During the hour of which FlightLogger is in maintenance mode, users will not be able to log into FlightLogger.
If a user opens a flight registration page prior to the update and tries to submit after the update, all data inserted in the flight registration page will be lost.

FlightLogger’s recommendation is to completely avoid having any flight registration pages open during the release window.

New flight registration pages

In the past 6 months, the development team has been working intensely on rewriting the flight registration pages. This is indeed the heart of FlightLogger as the main business information going into all records, statistics and reports are captured through the flight registration pages.

To make it easy for all users to learn how to use the new flight registration pages we have created three user videos for you.
Please watch the videos that relate to your daily workflow before the 1st of July to be fully prepared for the update.


VIDEO 1: How to register a school flight as a flight instructor

VIDEO 2: How to register an operation as a crew member

VIDEO 3: How to register a rental as a renter or as an administrator


In plain text, the added features in the new flight registration pages include the following:

  • Area tabs
  • Action buttons
  • Briefing comment
  • Split functionality (VFR/IFR, Day/Night, Local/XC, PF/PM)
  • Improved grading overview (including filter option)
  • HG = “Highest Grade” with links to the student progress graph
  • Attachment functionality
  • Debriefing comment (including an auto transfer of a booking comment)
  • Instructor Note
  • Student Note

All of the above is presented in the three user videos but we have described each feature added to the new flight registration pages in text and pictures as well. You will find these further detailed descriptions at the end of this announcement.

Optimized for tablets and fail-safe functionality through drafts

One of the main goals with the new flight registration pages, apart from adding a lot of customers inputs, has been to optimize it for tablets and make it more fail-safe. Hence, users will find even more features when using a tablet compared to using a laptop. Additionally, a fail-safe functionality through “drafts” has also been built in as described in the videos.

Among other things, users will have “action buttons” (while using a tablet). By using these they can, with a single click (sitting in the cockpit), set “OFF BLOCK”, “T/O”, “LANDING” and “ON BLOCK”. Moreover, the users will now have “area tabs” which are divided into each step in the process. This enables an easy ‘quick switching’ between the different focus areas.

—– Features added to other areas of FlightLogger (SMS, account settings, Raw data and availability) —–

Attachments to SMS reports

Future SMS reports will have the option to attach one or more documents, so the documentation on e.g. incidents can be gathered in one place.

In the SMS report overview, the Safety Manager can see SMS reports with attachments and how many each report contains.

Additional account settings to control booking page viewing rights

Admin control of the booking page has been improved as they can now use account settings to enable/disable Staff, Crew and Instructors viewing rights. With the new account setting, the admin can choose to give viewing rights to the booking page and the booking details.

RAW data – Flight report

A flight ID has been added to the RAW data – Flight report that identifies the flight, which also includes the data of the actual flight.

With FlightLogger’s new split flight functionality, the RAW flight report has been updated to include splits under a single flight. Previously, a lesson that required both VFR and IFR time had two flights in order to include the relevant data, which was two lines in the RAW Flight Report. Now, any split flight will be in the same line. The picture shows a 4 hrs PF/PM flight split into 2 hrs each.

Automatic date selection for availability exceptions

A minor improvement has been made to the availability functionality. The date is now automated between start and end, so users do not have to change both if they are changing dates.

—– Detailed description of each new feature added to the new flight registration pages —–

Briefing, Debriefing, Instructor, and Student notes

Future flights will provide users with a number of options for adding comments to the flight registration.

Briefing comment

A dedicated briefing comment has been added, for crew and instructors in order to add additional information.
The briefing comment will be added to the PDF report when using the report generator.

Debriefing comment

A debriefing comment has also been added to the debriefing tab. Here the instructor can add details about the flight but also transfer any comments from the booking directly. The debriefing comment will be added to the PDF report when using the report generator.

Instructor note

The instructor note provides an option to add information relevant only to admins or other instructors and cannot be seen by the students.

Student note

The student note is an option for the student to add information about the lesson and flight. The student can add a note to the lesson both prior to a flight and after approving the registration. This gives the student a possibility to write down his reflection on a lesson after it has been flown and signed.


Grading a student is now easier than ever, as a new function provides users with a filtering option, so only relevant exercises appear. E.g. the user can choose only to see “Not graded” exercises, viz. exercises disappear as they are graded.

Another improvement to the grading area is that the “Highest grade” column now links to the student progress page, showing an overview of the previous performance of the student on the same exercise. Hence, it’s easier for the instructor to check individual exercises during the briefing.

Split functionality and Day/Night landings

The ability to “split flights” has been requested by many customers. Therefore, all future flights in FlightLogger will now be easy to split. Users will be able to split VFR/IFR, Day/Night, Local/XC and PF/PM, while landings can now be registered individually as a day or night landing.

Attachment option on all flight registrations

Another new feature is, the ability to upload documents to “flight registrations”, so e.g. a weight and balance sheet, a flight plan, a fuel receipt, etc. can be attached to the individual registration. For students, it will additionally provide them with an option to add documents to the lessons prior to starting the briefing, so any preparation material relevant for the lesson can be attached.

Fail-safe/Data persistence (drafts)

The update introduces a high degree on data persistence. To avoid accidental data loss from devices running out of memory, when refreshing the browser and when going back and forth between tabs, the data will now be protected to a higher degree.  This means that entered data after proceeding into the flight registration page will only be lost if closing the browser completely or reentering the same lesson from a different booking.

Other improvements in this update

In addition to all of the above-mentioned improvements, FlightLogger has also included more than 20 smaller changes and bug fixes.

The FlightLogger Team would like to thank all customers for using FlightLogger and for your continued feedback. Without your feedback and trust, the release of such a major update would never have been possible.