Elite Pilot Training Center (EPTC) joins our worldwide customer network and thus increases FlightLogger’s presence in Belgium. EPTC is our newest ATO and our second customer operating out of Antwerp Airport.

After making the decision to go digital with FlightLogger, EPTC quickly forwarded their training manuals, which was added to the Flight Training Management platform by FlightLogger staff. A two-day training session onsite at EPTC headquarters earlier this week was followed by a go-live on the same day as the final introduction.

EPTC offers personalized and flexible training with off-site computer-based training for ground theory. With their state of the art Cirrus SR 20 and SR 22 and their RedBird full flight simulators, EPTC is at the forefront of flying gear for their Enroute IR and PPL(A) flight training programs.

Going into May month, EPTC will now be providing a fully digital experience for all employees, students, and management. EPTC’s instructors and students will now have the possibility of accessing their training profile and flight school manuals from any given device 24/7 with just an internet connection and a browser, which aids in the overall quality of the students training experience and future pilot skills.

FlightLogger strives to minimize the hassle of starting with new software and therefore handles the implementation of training manuals on the platform, letting the ATO focus on providing a good service. We currently have more than +70 ATOs going digital with that approach, which proofs that a digital transformation is achievable in a limited timeframe.

FlightLogger is proud to add yet another Belgian customer and look forward to providing a great digital experience to all staff and students at Elite Pilot Training Center!

  • Cirrus aircraft SR20
  • Redbird simulator
  • Aviation flight training software