On Monday, April 29th at 06:00 AM UTC FlightLogger will release another update to improve the flight school management platform. The release will include a “Current Certificate” overview while improving FlightLoggers development options.

As the release from an end-user viewpoint might seem like a minor addition to FlightLogger this release has been really important to the future of FlightLogger. Under the hood, we have implemented several industry-leading software technologies making it possible for FlightLogger to add new features and enabling a more rapid functionality development. The first feature based on the new technology is the “Current Certificate” filter included in this release and described in the following.

New “Current Certificates” filter

A significant number of customers have requested a “Current Certificate” filter to create an informal overview that will help in the day-to-day management of user certificates. The new functionality is included in the “Certificate Warnings” overview under the Warnings menu.

When using the “Current Certificates” the user gets an overview of all current certificates and certificates with warnings that they might have due to being close to expiry. In this example, Kenneth’s medical is coloured yellow as it is close to expiry.

Just like the certificate warning filters today, the new current certificate filter allows for export in both PDF, XML and CSV format.

The FlightLogger Team thanks all our customers for using FlightLogger and for providing great feedback, which helps us improve the platform!