This week another small update was introduced to the FlightLogger platform.
The update did not require any downtime and included a number of minor improvement as well as a few bug fixes!

These improvements are now available and in the following, a small description of each can be found.

  • Booking last updated by
  • Visible meeting comment in booking overview
  • Cycles on aircraft status
  • A “copy link” function in the document center
  • Greyed wrench on aircraft during maintenance booking

Booking “last updated by”

The “Last updated by” allow for more transparency on which user, that was the last to update a given booking. When entering a booking a timestamp has been added in the bottom right corner. Hoovering on the timestamp will present information on which user made the update.

Visible meeting comments on the booking page

A small addition to “Meeting” bookings is that comment are now visible on the booking page. This gives a user to option to communicate about the meeting content ex. Management meeting.

Cycles on aircraft status

To improve the maintenance requirement functionality “cycles” have been added to the aircraft status overview. Now user can follow the current “Cycle” number and the number of cycles remaining until next maintenance.  

“Copy Link” in Document Center

In the document center, a “copy link” function has been added to ensure that links do not expire. The functionality replaces right-clicking and copying a link. The benefit is that links included in ex. “lesson descriptions” does not need to be renewed.

Greyed aircraft wrench during maintenance

Until now the aircraft wrench has been green despite the aircraft having ongoing maintenance session. With the new functionality, the wrench becomes greyed when the aircraft is in an ongoing maintenance booking. The aircraft wrench will be either red/yellow/green on bookings outside of the scheduled maintenance booking depending on the warning status.