As Volflight went live with FlightLogger in early January our Swedish customer base increased.

Volflight chose FlightLogger to optimize the ATO management by reducing paper workflows, improve reporting options and increase transparency. With the integration of flight programs, ground school theory, bookings, flight registrations, certificates, documents, messages, and maintenance FlightLogger will support Volflight in becoming a digital organization.

After staff was trained onsite at Jönköping Airport Volflight went live with FlightLogger and are now providing a full digital experience for all employees, students, and management. 70 ATOs across the globe have now implemented FlightLogger requiring only a two-day training session to go live, which proves that a digital transformation is achievable in a limited timeframe.

Volflight has been training new pilots since 1989 and has helped numerous students achieve the dream of becoming a pilot. The Flight School strives to provide a personally aimed education to the students, that is both effective, fun and meritorious. Becoming a student at Volflight is also an opportunity to be included in the Volflight family of enthusiastic and passionate aviation professionals.

For aspiring pilots, Volflight offers a range of courses including the Airline Pilot Program, ATPL (A), CPL/IR/ME, MCC, JOC, and different type ratings. The aircraft fleet consists of both Cessna 172, Cessna 172RG and Piper PA34 Seneca, while the UPRT course will introduce student for the iconic Pitts S-2C.

We are proud to team up with another customer in Sweden, a country that is becoming a FlightLogger powerhouse. At FlightLogger, we look forward to providing a great digital experience and we send a warm welcome to all staff and students at Volflight!