On Aug 13th 2018, Goldwings Flight Academy became the first digital ATO in Poland going live with FlightLogger.

The FlightLogger team is proud to welcome Goldwings to our cloud-based flight school management platform, and we are looking forward to supporting all their users.

GoldWings Flight Academy is a Polish-based flight academy operating out of Warszawa. The Academy has years’ of experience with over a thousand graduates. The instructors are mainly airline pilots and top air sports competitors holding numerous achievements. Therefore Goldwings offers highly-specialized training courses targeted to both sensation seekers and future commercial pilots.

FlightLogger will support Goldwings education of future pilots and their training fleet, which include Cessna, Pipers, the new AT-3 aircraft as well as two new simulators DA-42 FNPT II and SIM A320 FNPT II MCC.

After one presentation of FlightLogger things went fast as Goldwings wanted to start immediately and get rid of all paperwork in their training department. FlightLogger staff quickly set up the Goldwings account and after two days of introduction, the academy went live. Goldwings will now provide flight training through their new digital FlightLogger environment allowing users to keep track of all activities via the cloud.

FlightLogger sends a warm welcome to all staff at Goldwings Flight Academy!
It’s an honour to add another country and the Goldwings logo to our ever-expanding customer map