We are planning to release the next major update to FlightLogger on Tuesday the 3rd of April 2018 (more info will follow soon).
This will be the 3rd and final update to complete the new maintenance area in FlightLogger.

During the update, we will have to migrate all existing maintenance information on planes/helicopters/simulator into the new improved maintenance area.

This is where we need your help

(Customers not using the current maintenance overview in FlightLogger can disregard this message)

For us to give you the best possible result of this migration, we would like you to make sure that the following three fields in the current maintenance overview is filled out correctly:

  • Time left
  • Service date
  • Service type

Currently, 90% of all aircraft maintenance information in FlightLogger follows the structure of the following examples:

Planes and Helicopters:
55 hours – 20.05.2018 – 100 Hour

NIL – 20.05.2018 – Annual

To get the best data migration, it is important that you make sure all three fields (two for sim) are filled out.

In addition to that, please make sure you use the same format for the “service type” field across all your aircraft. This helps us to ensure the correctness of the migrated data.

With “same format” we mean:
If you write “100 Hour” or “50 Hour” on one aircraft then avoid using a different format like “100 hrs” or “50 hrs” on another aircraft. Please also avoid other descriptions in the “service type” field like “50 hours / igniter”.

By filling out all three fields and using the same format in the “service type” field you give us the best chance to help you get an optimal start with the new maintenance area.

Please go through your maintenance overview and correct accordingly before Sunday the 1st of April – thank you!

Do not hesitate to contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

For those customers that are currently using the “service type” field as a “remark” area

We recommend that you follow the instructions above by filling out all three fields and using a consistent format in the “service type” field. This gives us the best conditions for migrating your maintenance information.

Please note that once the new maintenance area is live you will among other things get a dedicated “remark section” for each aircraft. Here you can create notes with information that you currently write into the “service type” field.

The migration in details

In the new maintenance area, each aircraft will be able to have unlimited “maintenance requirements” like “100 hour service”, “Generator”, “Gear” etc.

“Maintenance requirements” are created from “maintenance types”, which can be set by you. These can be set to expire on: Date, airborne time, tacho time, and cycles. You can also choose that the “maintenance types” requires upload of a document or a serial number.

This is structured in a similar way to how certificate types and -requirements work today.

During the migration we are going to migrate the current: “ARC”, “Fire extinguisher”, “Life vest”, and “First aid kit” into individual “maintenance types” that expires on “date”.

In a similar way we are going to migrate the three fields:

  • Time left
  • Service date
  • Service type

into one “maintenance type” that expires on “time (airborne or tacho) and “date”. This new “maintenance type” will be given the name you have stated in the current “service type” field.

This is why it is important that all three fields (two for sim) are filled out and that you use the same format for the “service type” field across all your aircraft.

Once the update is live you will, as mentioned, be able to create additional “maintenance types”.

Thanks in advance for your help.
We look forward to releasing this update soon!