On Wednesday the 14th, 2018, Professional Aviation became the second Italien ATO to go digital with FlightLoggers cloud-based flight school system!

Professional Aviation has been using Flight Schedule Pro for some time but wanted to change to a more professional and complete ATO solution. This in order to run their everyday operation more efficiently but also to improve the training and service towards their main customers – their students and renters.

In todays digital age a professional training management system is a must-have for a professional ATO.
Professional Aviation did an intensive research by examining different flight school systems like Private Radar and Talon before seeing FlightLogger. After an online presentation of FlightLogger in January 2018 they found FlightLogger the most professional and effective solution. History once again shows that there are many systems “out there” but when it comes to choosing the right flight school software, then FlightLoggers continues to be the prefered choice by ATOs around the world.

It normally requires two FlightLogger introduction days to be all “ready for takeoff” but Professional Aviation only needed one before they started managing FlightLogger them self!
The introduction days is always a part of the “startup package” when choosing FlightLogger. This is to ensure that both crew, instructors, bookers and administrators get the best possible start.

Professional Aviation is located in the outskirt of Bologna city in the beautiful Northern part of Italy. They offer a huge variety of modular courses using their modern fleet of Tecnams and Cirrus aircraft. Apart from being a training centre, Professional Aviation is also a fully approved Service Centre.
Should you be a photographer or maybe a drone hobbyist Professional Aviation also offers drone courses prepared and certified according to ENAC (Italian National Aviation Authority).

FlightLogger sends a warm welcome to all staff and students at Professional Aviation.
It’s an honour to add their logo to the ever-expanding customer map: flightlogger.net/customers