On Friday the 8th of December 2017 FightLogger was contacted by Stoflight Academy.
They wanted to change from their current software provider MoMook to FlightLogger as soon as possible.

Stoflight was quick to deliver the needed information and the FlightLogger team started the setup the day after the initial contact. Between Christmas and New Years Eve the two introduction days were held at Stoflight in Stockholm. On Monday the 2nd of January 2018 Stoflight could go live with FlightLogger – only 25 days after the initial contact!

Stoflight changed to FlightLogger for many reasons, but the wish to have a quick an effective implementation process and a software that optimises their operation from day one was playing a big role.

Stoflight was founded in 2015 and has developed very rapidly.
From their base in Västerås airport, they are delivering flight training all the way from zero to MCC and Type rating.

Their approach to flight training is very modern and airline orientated.
Stoflight has modern facilities and a great location at the outskirt of the Swedish capital Stockholm. A unique feature of Stoflight is the vast airline experience that trickles down from senior management to its ground instructors. Their goal is to employ over 90% of their staff directly from the airline industry, a goal that was reached already in 2017.

Another goal for Stoflight is to go fully digital and keep everything in one system without the use of tedious paper. Choosing FlightLogger is an essential part of that overall goal.

FlightLogger is proud to add yet another customer to the customer map and sends a warm “welcome on board” to all instructors and students at Stoflight Academy!