On Monday the 13th of November 2017 Norwegian Flying Aces went digital with FlightLogger’s cloud-based training management system.

As the pictures reveal Norwegian Flying Aces is not a normal ab initio flight school.
In many ways, they can be considered as a wonderland for pilots and aviation enthusiasts!

Have you ever wondered how it feels like to take a spin in an American Champion Decathlon Xtreme, or do a pleasure flight in a good old classic like the Boing Stearman PT-17 ?

Or maybe you are into reliving one of WWII’s most spectacular sabotage operations as you fly through the deep gorge of Rjukan past Vemork Power Plant in a North American T-28 with 1.420 horsepower!
With Norwegian Flying Aces, you can have all of the above experiences. Airshows and even individual training on the amazing warbirds is also an option through Flying Aces Academy.

The FlightLogger team are proud of now supporting Norwegian Flying Aces operation with FlightLogger as their everyday management tool.
Helping with scheduling, keeping track of certificates, documents, digital student records, message centre and much more. This so the Flying Aces can focus on what they are good at – making safe loops and rolls in the skies!

Welcome to all crew, instructors and administrators at Norwegian Flying Aces – it’s an honour to have you “on board” as a FlightLogger Certified Partner 🙂