On the 6th of November 2017, checkflug.eu went live with FlightLogger and became the third digital flight school in Austria!

checkflug.eu started using FlightLogger shortly after the two introduction days.
These introduction days are always held “on location” and with checkflug.eu this means in the beautiful city of Salzburg – Austria.

Only spending 1-2 days on introducing a new technology that will help the entire operation might seem like a short time, but the user-friendliness of FlightLogger has proved that this is enough time to get a great start.

Like other flight schools, checkflug.eu has been looking for a new training management system to keep a better overview of the operation and standardize all workflows across their different training locations around Austria!
checkflug.eu wanted a flight school software that was both easy to use and which could optimize all their workflows via digitalisation.

After seeing several other flight school systems they had a presentation of FlightLogger.
Shortly after the presentation, they decided to move forward with FlightLogger´s training management system.

checkflug.eu was founded in 2006 and train Pilots with great passion in a safe environment.
To improve training they wanted to offer all students and instructor full digital access to all training material. This is now possible via their new FlightLogger account no matter in which of their three locations the training is carried out:

checkflug.eu operate from

  • Salzburg,
  • Graz
  • Wien

The FlightLogger team sends a warm “welcome on board” to all staff and students at checkflug.eu
FlightLogger is proud to help yet another ATO from Austria into the next generation of aviation training with FlightLogger!