On Monday the 5th of June at 06:00 AM UTC FlightLogger will add yet another great update with various improvements.

!!NB!! – All date pickers will change on your FlightLogger account – !!NB!!
The date pickers will now start on a Monday instead of on a Sunday.
All weekly shifts setup under “My availability” will now start on a Monday.

!!NB!! – All date formats will change on your FlightLogger account – !!NB!!
The new date format will be standardised to the format “Day.Month.Year”

Should any customer want to change either the date picker start day or the dateformat on their account then this can easily be edited.

“Date & Time” is a new account setting area allowing the administrator to change these settings. There are many options  for the date format with different separators and the account setting can be found under:

Administration->Account settings->Date & Time

Improved logbook

After many great customer inputs we have improved the logbook for all users!

The new features will include:

  • Date range selection
  • Total time for all columns

As always the logbook will be exportable in PDF, XML and CSV files.

Improvement to theory (class overview)

The class overview of all the following areas is improved and redesigned to match the design found in the student folder.

  • Class theory
  • Progress tests
  • Theory releases
  • Exams
  • Type questionnaires

Improvement to registration pages

The registration pages of all the following areas is improved and redesigned

  • Class theory
  • Progress tests
  • Theory releases
  • Exams
  • Type questionnaires

Improvement to “previous flown hours”

The new name for this area will be “Previous experience” but its still found at the button of the student folder.
This whole area is improved to make it easier to register previous experience and to give a better overview of what is registered.

Other changes in this update

Together with these new features, FlightLogger has also included more than 30 smaller changes/fixes/improvements. Each of these relates to occurrences in “edge cases” and will not be described further.
Just remember: FlightLogger keeps looking after the complete solution as it moves forward 🙂