On January 23, 2017, Flugschule ARDEX became the fourth German ATO to go digital with FlightLoggers cloud-based flight school system!

After 2 successful days of introduction to all staff, ARDEX were all “ready for takeoff”. During the introduction, the German LBA (CAA) was also invited and they as well had an introduction to FlightLoggers popular training management system. The LBA see great opportunities in FlightLogger which they already know from other ATOs. At other ATOs in Germany, they have seen how FlightLogger is beneficial for both the ATO, LBA, instructors and especially for the students to whom FlightLogger will also improve the training.

ARDEX is located northwest of Berlin and offers both accommodations for the students and ARDEX also holds its own maintenance department.

FlightLogger is proud to welcome one more customer to the ever expanding customer map: flightlogger.net/customers