Malaysian Flying Academy is well known for their high standards and quality aviation training!

With more than 30 years of experience, MFA has educated more pilots than many other academies in the area. At their 30 years anniversary, they could even show off a three generation “pilot family”, representing both a son, a father and a grandfather – all pilots and all educated at MFA!

In November 2016 MFA took the decision to start looking for a flight school system, in order to further improve their training by going all digital. FlightLogger became the obvious choice for MFAs new cloud-based Training Management System.

After a successful introduction held at their location on Monday the 28th and Tuesday the 29th of November, MFA could safely start with FlightLogger on Monday the 5th of December.

FlightLogger is really proud to add Malaysia to the customer map and would like to send a big “WELCOME ON BOARD” to all staff and students at MFA!