FlightLogger has proven to be the world’s leading training management system for flight schools.
Customers state, that the fully cloud-based TMS is the most user-friendly in the industry and that they therefore find it really easy and safe to start on the solution. Going digital with the training is no longer a difficult decision.

During week 48 and 49 in 2016 FlightLogger had three new customers that went through the start-up process.

During the two weeks the three flight schools had their full introduction done – at their own location. After the introduction the academies immediately went “into production” with the safe use of FlightLogger.

All of this was done in only 10 days! And this despite the fact, that these three new customers are located on three different continents:

  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Europe

FlightLogger has never heard of any other software in the aviation industry that has proved to be as easy to implement.

The FlightLogger team is really proud to have created a flight training system, which is so user-friendly, that it only requires two days of introduction to make customers go from solely paperwork into modern digital training.

FlightLogger is proud to welcome these 3 new amazing training academies on board as customers in the “FlightLogger family”.