European Pilot Academy (EPA) is a fixed wing ATO, located in beautiful Malta with almost perfect weather conditions for flying all year round!

They have been looking for a user-friendly and effective flight training software solution and spent a lot of time investigating into different opportunities. The goal was clear: They wanted to go digital and keep everything in one system in order to optimize their business and improve the training of their students even further!

FlightLogger came in as an absolute number one choice of flight training system.

On the morning of Monday 19th of September 2016 EPA went live with their own FlightLogger account. It only took three weeks from agreement to startup. FlightLogger helped implement all data (training manuals, aircrafts, classrooms, administrators, instructors, crew, students etc) on the account. The two day introduction was held Thursday the 15th and Friday the 16th and today the first bookings were completed.

Simplicity still rules – which not only makes it really easy to understand for users. But the “cost” for FlightLoggers customers in getting trained is also kept at an absolute minimum. Instructors rather fly with students than have to learn complex IT.  This is probably why FlightLogger has become their number one choice for a solution.

European Pilot Academy is the first ATO from Malta that takes the step into next generation of aviation training. FlightLogger is proud to add yet another country to the customer map. FlightLogger is now supporting ATOs and AOCs from 14 different countries with its world leading flight training software.