Over the last years FlightLogger has gained the trust of ATO’s and AOC’s around the world. And CAA’s has also seen the positive impact FlightLogger can have on academies. Better control of certificates, better use of Safety Management Reports and tracking of service hours on aircraft are some just a few of the benefits.

The whole FlightLogger concept of changing the entire student folder from an old fashion paper format to an all digital version has been welcomed by the CAA in all countries. Simply because it delivers the complete overview of all student information and progress, no matter the time, place or device used.

But at FlightLoggers last attendance at Pilot Careers Live a new trend was seen.

For some years FlightLogger has been promoting our customers at Pilot Careers Live to students. But at this years London spring event roles were “swapped”. Students started to promote FlightLogger customers to FlightLogger and other students!

At FlightLoggers booth students told FlightLogger that they had decided to skip their “first choice” of ATO. They only wanted to consider academies that were FlightLogger customers.

Naturally everyone at FlightLogger is very proud, that the FlightLogger product has become so popular amongst students that it now is a critical factor in choice of ATO. But FlightLogger naturally asked why they had made this decision, and got some good indicators.

Some new students had talked to “old students”. They had all recommended the use of FlightLogger.

And the students want their programs to be digitally available – at all times and where ever they are: At the academy, at their own home – or when they are visiting friends and family.
As they said: “Paper is oldschool. We have gotten used to use the internet in school.”. “My phone is my primary learning tool”. “Can’t we get more content via youtube video’s?”.

Cost was also a big concern: “If I can read my program digitally I expect that I can prepare better for the lessons. And the better I am prepared – the less the chance of having to retake an exercise.”

The trend was clear: Young students are used to a multi media world.

FlightLogger already has a lot of customers that exploit this trend. As an example a customer has made a 1 hour ‘aircraft walk-around’ video. Instead of using instructor hours on doing the walk-around the students have a link in their lesson description that links to the youtube video. The student can “redo” the walk-around as many times as they need – without requiring the instructors to be present.

Not only is this time-saving – it’s also a big increase in safety for the ATO!

So if you are an ATO: Be prepared – the young generation of students are technically very well prepared to work online. And they expect ATO’s to be at least as prepared as they are.

At FlightLogger we understand that it not only requires technology, but the hole culture at the academy has to change. And FlightLogger has proven that we are ready and able to assist in the transformation of the workflows.