FlightLogger has been welcoming a significant amount of new customers during the last months. There is now more than 8000 registered FlightLogger users and despite of this FlightLogger has been performing better than ever.

FlightLogger hopes, that people will continue to follow the growth on facebook https://www.facebook.com/Flightlogger/.

FlightLogger is now ready with more features.

Thursday the 28th of April at 05:30 AM UTC, FlightLogger will be put in “maintenance mode” and the platform is updated. It is estimated, that FlightLogger will be in maintenance mode for approx. 10 min.

After the update the following new improvements will be available:

1) New Flight Report

Over the years  customers have been asking for more reports. The problem has been that there are many different opinions on what would be helpful. In cooperation with Airways Aviation FlightLogger has developed a new generic Flight Report tool.

It allows customers to export all flight data into a CSV file ready to be used in Excel. Inside Excel it is possible to extract all kinds of summaries. As an example customers can calculate the amount of hours flown on all aircraft of a specific type, find the total hours of training per student or instructor or simply find the amount of operations flown within a month.

The new report type will only be made available if customers contact FlightLogger and ask for it. This way FlightLogger can have a dialog about our customers needs and potentially also guide them regarding the creation of advanced formula’s in Excel 🙂

2) Booking will revert to “open” when resetting/deleting registration

In February FlightLogger introduced more advanced completion- and cancellation-statuses on the booking page. This feature has now been improved even further: Any resetting or deletion of a registration will now automatically reopen a completed booking.

3) Simulators can now use AT and IF time

Customers, that are using AT and IF time on school flights, now also have the option to register AT and IF time on simulators as well.

4) Improvements to active and standby/completed students in classes

The overview of students in classes have been improved to show, who is active and who is not (standby/completed). Remember that changing the status of students in a class will automatically affect all future bookings with that class.

5) Other improvements

FlightLogger has also continued to make other smaller improvements.
Included in this update is approx. 25 small improvements – and most can’t be seen by the users.